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About Us

Accompany Suite is an Organizational Health & Development company that exists to restore human relationships and promote the inherent dignity and worth of a person.


Whether you are a small business that needs help moving in the right direction or an established business that has hit a plateau – Accompany Suite is here to create strength, unity and momentum within your entire organization, getting everyone to work toward the same goals.


Restoring God’s design for work and relationships.


Healthier relationships are developed in workplaces, leading to lasting transformation in homes and communities for generations to come.

Our Passion

Why are we passionate about what we do? Because we love people and know there is a better way to work. We believe there’s a way to develop a healthy organization from every level. Whether coaching leaders to think about their ‘big picture’ or developing strategies for future planning, it all revolves around growing and supporting each individual within an organization.

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Our Core Values.png
Our Core Values
Meet the Team
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They say you can only become truly accomplished at something you love. I’m thankful I get to do what I love for a living.  I love accompanying both individuals and businesses on their journey of growth in the workplace. 


Throughout my career, I've had the privilege to work with various companies in different industries. In each role I led, I was immersed in learning about process development and how it impacted the employees and customers. The most impactful process I learned, was the importance of putting people first. I believe there is hidden potential and possibility in everyone, and sometimes people just need someone who believes in them. This sparked something in me that ignited my life's passion.

Accompany Suite incorporates that passion—to discover the possibilities when you put people first. I knew that if people loved the work, the environment was healthy, and there were systems in place to rely on, we could help businesses build infrastructures people could trust, believe in, and grow from. It is thrilling to take a small part in empowering others to grow and developing new ways that help businesses properly steward the people they've been given to lead. 

Our knowledge is meant to be shared and our jobs are meant to be loved.


CEO & Workforce Innovator


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Life & Business Coach


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A dear friend and mentor once told me, “We can figure out anything as long as we’re honest with each other, able to laugh and learn from our mistakes, and willing to try even when it’s uncomfortable.”

I’ve since made it my mission to work with those around me to break down the barriers through honest and vulnerable interactions that inspire a collaborative environment. We must speak life into our team. The way we communicate with each other can either speak life or speak death. It’s imperative to understand the weight of our words and how to best communicate with those around us which can only be done by truly knowing those around us.

When we’re able to remove the filters and be honest about our fears or doubts, we can declutter our thoughts and lean into our strengths to find solutions. Through this process we eliminate prolonged frustration, loss of productivity and ultimately create true sustainable growth. This is the sweet spot every company aspires to be in.

As a consultant at Accompany Suite, I’m thankful I get to work with businesses who believe in the value of honest conversations and want to create and sustain an engaging and supportive environment.


Change isn’t always easy or comfortable, but with the right guidance, what seems scary can be really fun and life changing.

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Since the age of 8, Kris has been working. Raised to help in the family business when he wasn't in school, he has learned the value of a hard-earned dollar and the need to believe anything's possible.


He has gained a wide perspective when it comes to being a husband and father. Kris has been the guy who worked long hours and hardly saw his wife and kids, and also a stay-at-home dad who homeschooled! This unique experience has made it possible for him to help men and women better connect with the root issues that so many marriages and parents face. 


As a father of three sons, Kris has also grown to enjoy coaching young men; helping them navigate the many challenges they face as they enter adulthood. 


Kris is drawn to working with people who are stuck. He may not have met you yet, but he already believes in you. Every person has the ability to push past the lies they tell themselves and achieve the things they desire. Through hard work, dedication, and encouragement he works to guide others through whatever is standing in their way. 


Collaborative Motivation Coach


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People Process Performance

We believe growth is based on three basic principles – People, Process, and Performance.  We value healthy growth by putting People first through a focused Process to create peak Performance from the entire company.


What do healthy people do? They create healthy habits that prolong their life. What do healthy employees do? They create a healthy work environment that prolongs the life of a company. Healthy employees are:

  • Motivated and happier

  • More productive and improve business performance

  • Define corporate culture

  • Build client relationships

  • Embrace growth

  • Reduce costs related to absenteeism, turnover, workers' compensation, and insurance.

We believe in putting people first so the mindset of the entire team helps a business grow.


We want to provide work habits that lead to long-lasting results. We’re focused on creating processes that set the foundation for a healthy future for the entire company. We welcome accountability and challenges, and focus on clear communication and strategic planning to grow your team. Our services are the foundation to your growth, and our goal is to help create a structure that is built to last.


At the end of the day, it’s about results. When we invest in our people and the process; the process will lead to peak performance. We believe when we work together to innovate at the team level…every person on the team is solutions-focused, not problem-focused. If the process is broken, we identify it and come up with a solution. A high-performing team is a united team, working together towards the same goal, continuously improving, and producing results.

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