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Need an outlet for your thoughts? Flush out the things that frustrate or exhaust you with our Gathering Grumblers group coaching!



Zoom (Virtual)


3rd Monday of the month


6 - 7:30 PM



To Gathering Grumblers

We believe in the power of transforming thoughts into actions, fostering an environment where men can confront, challenge, and ultimately overcome the frustrations and exhaustion that life often brings.



  • + Strategic Planning & Implementation
    As the leader of your company, you have great ideas and dream big about growth…the challenge is getting a plan in place to turn your visions into reality, and implementation is the key to unlocking that plan. ​ At Accompany Suite, we’re not just providing timelines and planning solutions...we’re orchestrating growth strategies within your company, keeping your entire team working together and accountable for the role they play in the overall success of the company.​​
  • + Leadership Team Development
    Develop a system of communication, accountability, and problem-solving for your leadership team. Let us facilitate so your entire team can fully participate. Our facilitators will coach your leadership team by first developing a rhythm and method of recurring meeting expectations - and then the best practices for the people, processes, and overall performance of your organization.
  • + Executive Coaching
    You are not alone. Executive coaching is exclusive to those who desire accountability and want to grow in their thought leadership. If you’re looking to increase your leadership skills and receive guidance and a sounding board to develop your team, systems, and processes - you’re in the right place.
  • + Mentorship
    The deepest dive for our organizational health services is our mentorship program. This program is designed specifically for high-level executives and those who are directly responsible for people. Receive guidance, coaching, and knowledge transfer from our team of experienced professionals. This program supports Executives in their career and interpersonal skill development. Mentorship begins with a 1+ year commitment.
Gathering Grumblers
Gathering Grumblers
May 20, 2024, 6:00 PM EDT



who should


This session is great for men who:

  • are seeking to create harmony in their professional lives that will overflow into their personal lives

  • are actively in the workforce

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Want to attend?

Send a Request to our host, Kris!

Whether you're seeking more event details or would like to attend the next Gathering Grumblers, book a discovery call below with Kris!



Ready to start Growing?

If you're ready to discover the possibilities when you focus on personal growth, we'd love to help! Schedule time with one of our coaches that works best for you. We're excited to meet you and get to know your needs better!

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